Meet The Captain

Captain Bill Wert moved to Florida from his home state of Ohio after visiting the sunshine state on a scuba diving trip in the early 1970s. He spent the first few years living on a sailboat, and working as a sailboat mechanic in St Petersburg, Florida. In 1979, he settled in Islamorada, The Fishing Capital of the World, and not surprisingly caught the fishing bug shortly thereafter.

He’s been fishing professionally for over 20 years and loves to share his knowledge of the sport with his anglers. Sight fishing and casting for tarpon and snook are probably his favorite types of backcountry fishing, but his main goal is to help his anglers get the rods bent, no matter what it takes.

Capt. Matt Bellinger

Capt. Billy Wert taught me this: “There’s two kinds of weather, “weather” you want to go fishing or “whether” you don’t!